About the campaign

Each year the Fourth Year Trustees aim to promote the importance of giving back to the university, both now and in the future. Unlike tuition or endowments, the Class Giving Campaign allows fourth years to give directly to almost any area of the University you would like: a CIO you poured your heart into, your favorite professor's lab, programs like AccessUVA and Green Dot, or any other organization that made U.Va. feel like home.

Any gift, no matter how big or small, makes a significant impact on the University and the lives of students who will come after us. State funds and tuition only cover 17 percent of U.Va.'s total operating budget. Donating to the Class Giving means YOU choose where your money goes, instead of the University using that money as it sees fit.

It's our turn to begin our alumni relationship with the University and give what we can to help sustain and grow the things that made our time at the university memorable.  Many of our favorite traditions, organizations and initiatives, such as Lighting of the Lawn and AccessUVa, rely heavily on private donors for funds. Your gift can make UVa a better and safer place for future students. Leave your legacy and be stewards for future classes.

All donations are tax deductible.

"But I can't afford to give."

Our goal is first and foremost about participation. You should participate in the Class Giving Campaign by donating however much is meaningful to you. We encourage students to find the areas of their lives where they can make a small sacrifice and make their dollars count. Our recommended donation is $20.17.

"Will my contribution really make an impact?"

Class giving accepts donations of all amounts. If you can give $10.00, great! If you can give $100 or more, that's great too. That $10.00 could be the difference in one wahoo's U.Va. experience: lunch for one more attendee at a resume workshop, one more car that can afford gas to drive to volunteering, etc.  If you believe you'll have a greater capacity to give after graduation, you can participate in our First of Five program. First of Five allows you to plant the seed of giving during your fourth year, which will grow into a full gift before our five year reunion in 2022. By making that first donation this year, you give up just a little bit to make a big difference in the long run. To participate in First of Five, you can select one of our annual donation amounts when you make your class gift and tell us where you'd like it to go over the next five years. Give through First of Five through five installments of:

  • $20.17 for a full gift of $100.85
  • $50 for a full gift of $250
  • $100 for a full gift of $500
  • $170 for a full gift of $850
  • $250 for a full gift of $1,250

All students who give $170 or more (which includes the $50 First of Five installment plan) will be named as Class of 2017 Benefactors at Graduation and listed in the ceremony program.

"But I already pay tuition, isn't that enough?"

Tuition only covers 17 percent of the University's operating budget, and limited state funds only cover 6 percent. With only 24 percent of U.Va. funded through sure means, private donations, endowments, and other fees fill the remaining 76 percent of our U.Va. experience. How could your CIO, major department, or other group benefit from your gift? See the How Giving Helps page for more information.

"But I don't trust u.va. with my money."

FALSE: The funds you donate through Class Giving go into a pot of money that the University sits on. 

TRUE: Your money goes through a data base at Alumni Hall that distributes your class gift directly to the select departments, organizations, and other groups to which you make your donation.