The Class Giving Campaign aims to engage 100% of the Class of 2017 to give back to any area of the University that has impacted their college experience and to leave a lasting legacy at U.Va.

Tuition only covers 17 percent of the university's operating budget.


U.Va. runs on generous donations from students, families, and alumni. Every day, the University uses those funds to keep awesome programs like AccessUVA, Green Dot, and others going. Today, Class Giving lets you decide where the money goes.

Any donation, big or small, can make a difference. Make one donation to your favorite CIO or major program, or split your donation among as many organizations as you'd like.

This is your chance. Leave your legacy.


We have venmo!

Click the above "give back now" button to donate online, or venmo @uvaclassgiving2017 with the following info in the description box:

  1. your computing ID and

  2. your designation (where you'd like your gift to go)



Find out more about how the campaign works, Hoo it helps, and where to learn more about upcoming events and perks for donors.

Give NOW

As big as $1000 or as small as $1.00, your gift matters. As broad of a donation recipient as "U.Va. Athletics" or as narrow as "the t-shirt guns at JPJ," your gift will have an impact. You choose, and you make the difference.