How giving helps

Here's just a small sample of the ways your contributions can make a difference through the Class Giving Campaign:


with $20.17...

...Green Grounds could support their Cans to Cans recycling program by purchasing materials for their weekly collections or feed 50 people through Loaves and Fishes.


WITH $20.17...

...Batten Undergraduate Council could take a guest speaker out to dinner as a thank you for his or her presentation.


A Donation of $150...

...would allow the Engineering Students Without Borders straw team to 3d print a prototype.


A Donation of $500...

...could pay for the DJ at next year's Black Ball.


$20.17 could... the Women's Lacrosse team a box of new lacrosse balls. A donation of $150 would help the team pay referees for home tournaments or would help cover entrance fees for away tournaments.

With a $50 Donation...

...Madison House could reimburse three student volunteers' gas costs for driving to and from their service site.